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Owner's Manual

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Description of SHARP EL530M Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 1 (click to view)

BEFORE USING THE CALCULATOR Key Notation Used in this Manual
In this manual, key operations are described as follows: To specify Ï : @V To specify Exp : E To access functions printed in orange above keys, press @ first. In this manual, number entry examples are shown with ordinary numbers (i.e., â100â will be indicated instead of â100â).

3÷7= [Floating point] N3/7= â [Scientific notation] @´ [TAB set to 2] @i 2 â [Floating point] @´

74 =

7 @⢠4 = @V/ 3 = 4 @¨ + 5 @¨= 200 * 32 @%

2401. 1.047197551 0.45 64. 50. 264. 225.


0.428571428 4.285714286Ã10â01 4.29Ã10â01 0.428571428

Ï â= 3 1+1= ââ 45 200 Ã 32% =


⢠Use @´ to switch to the scientific notation, press @i, then give a value between 0 and 9 to set the decimal placement. To reset, press @i 9. ⢠The number will be displayed in scientific notation if the floating point value does not fit in the following range: 0.000000001 ⤠| x | ⤠9999999999 ⢠The last decimal digit in scientific notation will be rounded off.

150 ÷ 300 = ? % 150 / 300 @% 200 + (200 à 32%) = 200 + 32 @% 300 â (300 à 25%) = 300 - 25 @%

Thank you for purchasing the SHARP Scientific Calculator Model EL-530M. This calculator will help you understand mathematical concepts behind fraction calculation, such as simplification and reduction. After reading this manual, store it in a convenient location for future reference.

Power On and Off
Press N to turn the calculator on, and @F to turn it off.

Random Numbers SCIENTIFIC CALCULATIONS Arithmetic Operations
12+16Ã3= 350-120÷4= 72Ã(-12)-150= (5+21)Ã(30-16)= N 12 + 16 * 3 = 350 - 120 / 4 = 72 *â 12 - 150 = ( 5 + 21 )* ( 30 - 16 )= ( 2 Eâ 4 )=

Clearing Methods
⢠Press N to clear the entries. ⢠To clear the independent memory (M), press NO.

A pseudo-random number with three significant digits can be generated by pressing @`=. To generate the next random number, press =.
60. 320. â1014. 364. 30000000.

Operational Notes
To ensure trouble-free operation, observe the following points: 1. Do not carry the calculator in the back pocket of slacks or trousers. 2. Do not subject the calculator to extreme temperatures. 3. Do not drop it or apply excessive force. 4. Clean only with a soft, dry cloth. 5. Do not use or store the calculator where fluids can splash onto it. SHARP will not be liable nor responsible for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage caused by misuse and/or malfunctions of this product and its peripherals, unless such liability is acknowledged by law. ⦠Press the RESET switch (on the back) only in the following cases: ⢠⢠⢠⢠When using for the first time After replacing the batteries To clear all memory contents When an abnormal condition occurs and all keys are inoperative.

Editing the Equation
⢠Press < or > to move the cursor. To return to the equation after getting an answer, press < (>). ⢠To delete a number, place the cursor on the number to be deleted, then press d. ⢠To insert a number, move the cursor to the place immediately after where the number is to be inserted, then enter the number.
15 + 8 â 15 â 3 13 Ã 24 = â 15 Ã 24 = N 15 + 8 <<dd -3 N 13 * 24 = <(>) >d 5 =

Memory Calculations
This calculator has two memory allocations: independent memory (M), and last answer memory (ANS). You will find them especially useful when combinations of calculations become complicated, or when using the answer of previous calculation to another operations. Press NO to clear the independent memory (âMâ symbol will disappear). Independent memory (M) O : Stores the result in the memory. R : Recalls the value stored in the memory. @; : Adds the result to the value in the memory.
N3*5O 30 + (3 Ã 5) = (3 Ã 5) Ã 4 = 20+10â5= 121+13Ã2= +) 21Ã3â16= (Total) 30 +R= R* 4 = N 20 + 10 - 5 O 121 + 13 * 2 @; 21 * 3 - 16 @; R NO

(6Ã103)÷(2Ã10-4)= ( 6 E 3 )/

15+8_ 15_ 15â3_ 312. 13Ã24 360.

Constant Calculations
In the constant calculations, the addend becomes a constant. Subtraction and division are performed in the same manner. For multiplication, the multiplicand becomes a constant.
245+60= 12+60= 150-20= 250-20= 200÷4= 180÷4= 15Ã3= 15Ã10= N 245 + 60 = N 212 + 60 = 150 - 20 = 250 - 20 = 200 / 4 = 180 / 4 = 15 * 03 = 15 - 10 =

15.M 45.M 60.M 25.M 147.M 47.M 219.M

305. 72. 130. 230. 50. 45. 45. 150.

Priority Levels in Calculation
This calculator performs operations according to the following priority: 1 Functions expressed with numerical data placed before (such as x-1, x2) 2 yx, x¿ y 3Ï 4 Functions expressed with numerical data placed after (such as sin, cos) 5 Multiplications with the sign âÃâ omitted from the front of a function (such as 3cos20) Y Ã, ÷ U +, â I Operations end commands (such as =, M+, %) ⢠A parenthesized calculation section has precedence over other sections of the calculation.

If service should be required on this calculator, use only a SHARP servicing dealer, SHARP approved service facility, or SHARP repair service where available.

Hard Case

Last answer memory (ANS) When = is pressed, the calculation result will automatically be stored in the last answer memory. @? : Recalls the value stored in last answer memory.
4 ÷ 5 = 0.8â¦(A) N 4 / 5 = 4 à (A) + 60 ÷ (A) = 4 *@?+ 60 / @?=

⢠For each example, press N to clear the display. ⢠The results of inverse trigonometric functions are displayed within the following range:
θ = sin-1x, θ = tan-1x â90° ⤠θ ⤠90° sin30° = cos60° = tan45° = sinâ10.5 = cosâ10.5 tanâ11 = 32 + 52 = â32 + 3â21 = = Ns 30 = u 60 = t 45 = @S 0.5 = @U 0.5 = @T 1 = 3 @L + 5 @L= θ = cos-1x 0° ⤠θ ⤠180°

0.8 78.2


Scientific Notation
People who need to deal with very large and very small numbers often use a special format called exponential or scientific notation. A number expressed in scientific notation has two parts. The first part consists of a regular decimal number between 1 and 10. The second part represents how large or small the number is in powers of 10. While a calculation result is displayed in the floating point system, press @´ to display the result in the scientific notation system. Pressing @´ once again will bring back the floating point system. To enter a number in scientific notation, press E.
(1.2 Ã 1020) Ã (1.5 Ã 105) 1.2 E 20 * 1.5 E 5 = 1.8Ã1025

0.5 0.5 1. 30. 60. 45. 34.
2 4â = 3 4â = 1 2 N2Ã3= 4â1Ã2=

Entering Fractions
⢠To enter fractions, use the following keys: à : Places the symbol â/â between the numerator and the denominator. â : Separates the integer (whole number) part from the fractional part of a mixed number.
2/3 4¬1/2 ¬

Mantissa Exponent (All symbols will not be displayed simultaneously, as shown above.)

: Appears when the entire equation cannot be displayed. Press </> to see the remaining (hidden) section. : Appears when @ is pressed, indicating that the functions shown in orange are enabled. : Indicates that a fraction can be simplified further, or expressed with a lower denominator. : Indicates that a numerical value is stored in the independent memory.


â 32 + 3 @$ 21 = 8.415778426

⢠Up to 10 key strokes, including â¬â and â/â, can be used to enter a fraction. ⢠Keep batteries out of the reach of children. ⢠Exhausted batteries left in the calculator may leak and damage the calculator. ⢠Explosion risk may be caused by incorrect handling. ⢠Do not throw batteries into a fire as they may explode.

Calculating with Fractions
Fractions can be incorporated in an arithmetic calculation. âSIMPâ symbol will appear with a calculation result if the answer can further be simplified. Refer to the following section of this manual for details.
1â â+1= 23 2Ãâ= â1 53 N1Ã2+1Ã3= 2Ã5*1Ã3=

Now that you have learned how to reduce a fraction to its lowest denominator, you can start using your calculator to perform fraction calculations quickly and efficiently.
11 â+â= 34 N1Ã3+1Ã4

Calculation Ranges
⢠Within the ranges specified below, this calculator is accurate to ±1 in the least significant digit of the mantissa. However, a calculation error increases in continuous calculations due to accumulation of each calculation error. (This is the same for yx, x¿ y, etc. where continuous calculations are performed internally.) Additionally, a calculation error will accumulate and become larger in the vicinity of inflection points and singular points of functions. ⢠Calculation range: ±10-99 ~ ±9.999999999Ã1099 and 0. If the absolute value of an entry or a final or intermediate result of a calculation is less than 10â99, the value is considered to be 0 in calculations and in the display.
Function sin x cos x tan x sinâ1x cosâ1x Calculation range DEG : |x| < 1010 (tan x : |x| â  90(2nâ1))* |x| ⤠1


5/6 2/15

ªDENOM.? 28/48 =* 12_ SIMP 28/48 = =

Replacement Procedure
1. Turn the power off by pressing @F. 2. Loosen both screws and remove the battery cover. 3. Replace the old batteries with new, with the positive (+) sides facing up. 4. Replace the battery cover and screws. 5. Press the RESET switch on the back. ⢠Make sure that the display appears as shown. Otherwise, remove the batteries, reinstall, and check the display again.

4/12+3/12_ 7/12

How to Simplify a Fraction
Reducing to its simplest form If the result of pressing = is displayed with the âSIMPâ symbol, the calculation can be reduced further. Use the ª key to set the factor of the fraction to simplify, either automatically or manually. [Automatic Simplification]
1 + â = N 1 à 3 + 2 à 12 = SIMP 6/12 â2 3 12 ªFACTOR? SIMP 6/12 =*6_ SIMP 6/12 = 1/2


If = is pressed instead of a number entry, the least common denominator will automatically be displayed. º : Converts a decimal or improper fraction to a mixed fraction. æ : Converts a mixed fraction or decimal to an improper fraction. In some cases, a decimal may not be converted to a fraction. ø : Converts an improper fraction or a mixed fraction to a decimal.

Conversion from/to a Fraction

Automatic Power Off Function
|x| ⤠10
100 100

* If you cannot come up with a common factor, press =. The greatest common factor â6â will be displayed. [Manual Simplification]
12 â + â = N 1 à 3 + 2 à 12 = SIMP 6/12 3 12 ªFACTOR? SIMP 6/12 2 =* ª3=

5 4â = 6 â [] â [A/B] 1÷3= â [A/B] 6÷5= â [A/B] â [AB/C] â [] 1.25 + 2 = â 5 â [AB/C]

N4â5Ã6= ø æ 1/3= æ 6/5= æ º ø 1.25 + 2 à 5 = º ª==

4¬5/6 ¬ ¬ 4.833333333 29/6 0.333333333 1/3 1.2 12/10 1¬2/10 ¬ 1.2 1.65 1¬65/100 ¬ 1¬13/20 ¬

tan x




23/6 1/2



* â2â is entered as a factor, and the âSIMPâ will be displayed to indicate further simplification of the fraction. If the entered value is not a common factor, the cursor will be set under the value. Press d to clear the value, then enter a correct common factor. Press N to return to the âFACTOR?â display. Now that you have learned how to reduce a fraction to its simplest form, you can start using your calculator to perform fraction calculations quickly and efficiently.
51 â + â = N 5 Ã 6 + 1 Ã 14 = 6 14 =*
SIMP 38/42

< xlogy < 100 . y = 0: 0 < x < 10100 . y < 0: x = n (0 < |x| < 1: â = 2nâ1, x â  0)*, 1 x â10100 < xlog |y| < 100 1 . y > 0: â10100 < â Iny ⤠230.2585092 (x â  0) x . y = 0: 0 < x < 10100 1 . y < 0: x = 2nâ1 (0 < |x| < 1: â = n, x â  0)*, x 1 In |y| ⤠230.2585092 â10100 < x â |x| < 1050 0 ⤠x < 10100 |x| < 10100 (x â  0)

. y > 0: â10

This calculator will turn its power off automatically if no key is pressed for about 10 minutes.

Calculations: General arithmetic operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide, operations with constants, memory operations, fraction operations, function operations, etc.) 16 calculations 8 numeric values 3V ¶ (DC): Alkaline batteries (LR44) à 2 0.0006 W Approx. 2000 hours, when continuously

Pending operations: Power source: Power consumption: Operating time:

x2 ¿x xâ1

* n: positive integers

An error will occur if an operation exceeds the calculation ranges, or if a mathematically illegal operation is attempted. When an error occurs, pressing < (or >) automatically moves the cursor back to the place in the equation where the error occurred. Edit the equation or press N to clear the equation.

displaying 55555. at 25ºC. May vary according to usage and other factors. Operating temperature: 0°C â 40°C (32°F â 104°F) External dimensions: Weight: Accessories: 78.6 mm (W) à 144 mm (D) à 10.5 mm (H) 3-3/32â (W) à 5-21/32â (D) à 13/32â (H) Approx. 68 g (0.150 lb) (Including batteries) Batteries à 2 (installed), operation manual, quick reference card and hard case.

Notes on Battery Replacement
Improper handling of batteries can cause electrolyte leakage or explosion. Be sure to observe the following handling rules: ⢠Replace both batteries at the same time. ⢠Do not mix new and old batteries. ⢠Make sure the new batteries are the correct type. ⢠When installing, orient each battery properly as indicated in the calculator. ⢠The factory-installed batteries may be exhausted before they reach the service life stated in the specifications.



If = is pressed instead of ª, the number will automatically be reduced down to its simplest form with the greatest common factor.

Reducing to its lowest denominator Prior to pressing the = key, a common denominator can be set to organize calculations.
1â â+1= 34 N1Ã3+1Ã4

Error Codes and Error Types
Syntax error (Error 1):
⢠An attempt was made to perform an invalid operation. Ex. 2 +- 5 =

Visit us on the Internet at:
This equipment complies with the requirements of Directive 89/336/EEC as amended by 93/ 68/EEC. 68/EWG. Ce matériel répond aux exigences contenues dans la directive 89/336/CEE modifiée par la directive 93/68/CEE. Dit apparaat voldoet aan de eisen van de richtlijn 89/336/EEG, gewijzigd door 93/68/EEG. Dette udstyr overholder kravene i direktiv nr. 89/336/EEC med tillæg nr. 93/68/EEC. Questâapparecchio è conforme ai requisiti della direttiva 89/336/EEC come emendata dalla direttiva 93/68/EEC. â ÃÃ÷ÿÃ÷Ãà ·ËÃ⹠·Ã÷ÃÃÃâºÃÃ÷à ÃÃÃË Â·ï£¿Â·ÃÃâ¹ÃÃÃË ÃËà Ãâ°ÃÃÃÃà ÃÃË âËÃË·ËÃâ¹Ë âÃËÃÃË 89/336/âââ«, ï¬ï£¿ËË Ã Ã·ÃÃÃÃÃÃï¬Ë ·ËÃï¬Ë ÃËÃÃÃÃÃıÃÃÃ Â·ï£¿ï¬ ÃÃà Ãâ°ÃÃâºÂ· 93/68/âââ«. Este equipamento obedece às exigências da directiva 89/336/CEE na sua versão corrigida pela directiva 93/68/CEE. Este aparato satisface las exigencias de la Directiva 89/336/CEE, modificada por medio de la 93/68/CEE. Denna utrustning uppfyller kraven enligt riktlinjen 89/336/EEC sÃ¥ som kompletteras av 93/68/ EEC. Dette produktet oppfyller betingelsene i direktivet 89/336/EEC i endringen 93/68/EEC. Tämä laite täyttää direktiivin 89/336/EEC vaatimukset, jota on muutettu direktiivillä 93/68/ EEC.

When to Replace the Batteries
If the display has poor contrast or nothing appears on the display even when N is pressed, it is time to replace the batteries.

Dieses Gerät entspricht den Anforderungen der EG-Richtlinie 89/336/EWG mit Ãnderung 93/

1/3+1/4_ ªDENOM.? SIMP 28/48 48 =* 16/48+12/48_
SIMP 28/48


Enter a common denominator of the two fractions. If the entered value is not a common denominator, the cursor will be set under the value. Press d to clear the value, then enter a correct common denominator. Press N to return to the âDENOM.?â display.

Calculation error (Error 2): ⢠The absolute value of an intermediate or final calculation result equals or exceeds 10100. ⢠An attempt was made to divide by 0. ⢠The calculation ranges were exceeded while performing calculations. Depth error (Error 3): ⢠The available number of buffers was exceeded. (There are 8 buffers for numeric values and 16 buffers for calculation instructions). Equation too long (Error 4): ⢠The equation exceeded its maximum input buffer (159 characters). An equation must be shorter than 159 characters.

⢠Fluid from a leaking battery accidentally entering an eye could result in serious injury. Should this occur, wash with clean water and immediately consult a doctor. ⢠Should fluid from a leaking battery come into contact with your skin or clothes, immediately wash with clean water. ⢠If the product is not to be used for some time, to avoid damage to the unit from leaking batteries, remove them and store in a safe place. ⢠Do not leave exhausted batteries inside the product. ⢠Do not fit partially used batteries, and be sure not to mix batteries of different types.

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