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Owner's Manual

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Description of SHARP ZQ-P10 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
Notes for storing and recalling entries
• When the memory is full, “MEMORY FULL!” appears briefly, and the entry cannot be stored. • When the symbol “ ” or “ ” appears, more information exists. Tap or to switch the display. Checking details of entries in Telephone mode • To display each field on the 1st line, follow the symbol “ ” or “ ” and tap or . (The symbol above the 1st line shows each field.) • Tap and hold to start the auto scroll on the 1st line. Tap again to stop or restart the scroll. Tap C•CE to quit the auto scroll.

Memory Storage
1. Checking memory storage
1. Tap TEL , or to display “NAME?”, “SCHEDULE?”, or “MEMO?”. 2. Tap f !, FREE % select “MEMORY CHECK” by using k 99 or m , and press x. The number of remaining bytes is displayed briefly. Notes • The Organizer can store up to 66838 bytes in the memory (excluding the Calculator mode memory). • One byte is required per character (in the 1st line) for telephone, schedule, and memo entries. • One byte is required for 2 digits in the number part (in the 2nd and the 3rd lines) of telephone

Recalling entries – Telephone, Schedule, Memo –
Tap the desired mode key first. < : Recalls entries in forward order > : Recalls entries in reverse order Sequential search Press < or > in each mode. Direct search • Enter the first characters (8 characters or under) of the person’s name, schedule details, or memo item, and press < or >. Press < or > then, to continue performing a direct search. Sorting order • Telephone and memo entries are stored by the first character of the person's name or memo item in the following order (case sensitive): • "Ch" and "ch" are available in Czech language mode only. • Schedule entries are stored by date and time.

and memo entries. (When there is an odd number of digits in a number entry, the last digit occupies 1 byte.) • In addition to the memory size for characters (in the 1st line) and numbers (in the 2nd and the 3rd lines), each entry requires the following memory size: Telephone entry ..... 6 bytes Schedule entry ....... 8 bytes (including date and time) Memo entry ........... 3 bytes

2. Deleting all the memory contents
Perform steps 2 and 3 as described in the section, “Using the Organizer for the First Time”. • To cancel the deletion operation, press any key EXCEPT FOR f x in step 3.

Note • When there is no (further or relevant) entry to be recalled, "NOT FOUND!" appears briefly, and the display returns to the mode screen. • Greek characters are sorted as follows:

Secret Function
1. Registering a password and storing 2. Turning Secret function on and off secret entries
Up to 6 characters can be registered as the password. • One password is valid for Telephone, Schedule, and Memo modes. When Secret function is on, “ ” is not displayed. • You can display, edit, or delete entries except secret entries. • You can enter new entries as secret or non-secret. When Secret function is off, “ ” is displayed. • You can display, edit, or delete secret entries only. (You cannot display nonsecret entries.) • You cannot enter a new entry. Turning Secret function off 1. Tap TEL , or “ ” is not displayed.

If the password is forgotten, you cannot delete the password only. You have to delete all the memory contents. (Perform steps 2 and 3 as described in the section, “Using the Organizer for the First Time”.) As a safeguard, make a written record of the password.
Registering a password 1. Tap TEL , or to display “NAME?”, “SCHEDULE?”, or “MEMO?”. 2. Tap f .

and check that

Editing or deleting entries – Telephone, Schedule, Memo –
Editing 1. Recall the entry to be edited. 2. Tap EDIT . The cursor starts to flash. • In Telephone mode press ENTER several times to display each field (the address field and so on). 5. Press ENTER several times (until “STORED!” appears briefly) to finish editing and to store the entry. Deleting 1. Recall the entry to be deleted. 2. Tap


2. Tap f

. “PASSWORD?” is displayed.

3. Enter the password (case sensitive), e.g. ABC. 4. Tap to register it. • The display returns to the screen in step 1 with the symbol “ ”. • If “ERROR!” appears briefly, a password has already been registered. Enter the correct password or delete the password and all the memory contents. 5. Tap f to turn Secret function on. “ ” disappears. Storing secret entries 1. Enter characters in Telephone, Schedule, or Memo mode when “ ” is not displayed (Secret function is on).

3. Enter the password and tap . •“ ” is displayed and you can display secret entries. • If you enter an incorrect password, “ERROR!” appears briefly. Follow the above steps and enter the correct password. • Even when Secret function is turned off, it will be automatically turned on (“ ” will disappear): A)when GAME , CLOCK , or CALC/CONV is tapped, or B)after the power is turned off manually or automatically. Turning Secret function on 1. Tap TEL , or “ ” is displayed. and check that


3. Tap , , , or to move the cursor to the • “DELETE?” is displayed. position to be edited. • To cancel the deletion operation, tap f. 4. Enter, insert, or delete characters (refer to 3. Press ENTER to delete the entry. “Entering Characters”). • To cancel editing, tap C•CE .

Calculator Mode
The Organizer can 2nd calculate numbers of up to 10 digits. Tap CALC/CONV several times to display the Calculator mode screen (Calculator → Currency conversion → Unit conversion → Calculator...). Calculation examples
Example Operation

Display 2 4

• When “

” is displayed, tap

to turn

2. Tap f . The password is displayed. Memorize it again. 3. Tap ” again. “ ” disappears and you cannot display secret entries.


(–24+2)÷4=–5.5 34+57=91 45+57=102


–5.5 91. 102.

Secret function on. 2. Tap before pressing ENTER to store. “ appears. 3. Press ENTER to store a secret entry in the memory. • “STORED!” appears briefly, and the display returns to the mode screen without “ ” (Secret function is on). • You cannot display the secret entry until you turn Secret function off.

34 57 45 (The addend becomes a constant.) 68 25 40

3. Changing the password
1. Turn Secret function off (“ ” appears). 2. Tap f . The password is displayed. 3. Tap f

Be sure to tap calculation.

68×25=1700 68×40=2720

1700. 2720.



, and


to clear the
200×10%=20 9÷36=25% 200+(200×10%)=220 500–(500×20%)=400 46=(43)2=4096 1/8=0.125 25×5=125 –) 84÷3=28 +) 68+17=85 182 25–9=4 1234567890×145 =179012344050

display and memory before performing a

(The multiplicand becomes a constant.) 200 9 200 500 4 8


10 % 36 % 10 % 20 %

Note • When , , , or is tapped, the respective symbol, +, –, ×, or ÷ is displayed. (In the examples in this manual, these symbols are not
described.) If an error occurs If the calculation result or the integer section in the numerical value in the memory exceeds 10 digits or if a number is divided by zero (0), an error occurs (“ERR” is displayed).

20. 25. 220. 400. 4096. 0.125 M 125.

The initial character of the password starts to flash. 4. Enter, or edit characters and make a new password. 5. Tap . The new password is now registered.

25 84 68

5 M+ 3 M– 17 M +

28. 85. 182. 4.

Caring for Your Organizer
• Do not carry the Organizer in the back pocket of • Since this product is not waterproof, do not use slacks or trousers. it or store it where fluids can splash onto it. • Do not drop the Organizer or apply excessive • Clean only with a soft, dry cloth. force to it. • Do not subject the Organizer to extreme temperatures. • Use only a SHARP approved service facility.

25 9 1234567890

ERR 17.90123440 C•CE 17.90123440 (17.90123440×1010=179012344000)


Currency/Unit Conversion Mode
1. Setting a currency rate
1. Tap

Replacing Battery
Battery used
Type Lithium battery Model CR2032 Quantity 1

2. Converting currency/unit
2nd CAPS

2. Battery replacement
If the display becomes dim and difficult to read, immediately replace the battery with a new one. Continued use of the Organizer with an exhausted battery can alter or clear the memory contents. • Complete the replacement of the battery within 1 minute, otherwise all the memory contents may be cleared.
OFF 1. Press ON to turn the power off. 2. Loosen the screw and remove the battery

several times to display the currency 0. conversion mode screen (refer to “Calculator mode”). Example: 1 CAD (Canada dollars) = 0.66 USD (US dollars) 2. Press < < < to change the display and tap f e. The initial character of “CAD” starts to flash. • You can change each currency name by entering characters (up to 4 in each) and using , if needed. 3. Press ENTER . “0” starts to flash. 4. Enter the rate (up to 2nd CAPS CAD – – USD 10 digits). 0.66 5. Press


You need to set the conversion rate before making the currency conversion.

Example: Convert 500 CAD into USD using the rate that you have set. 1. Display the screen: “CAD → USD”.
2. Enter the value to be converted. 500
2nd 3. Tap to convert CAD – – USDCAPS CAD into USD. • To convert in 3 3 0. reverse order (e.g. 200 USD into CAD), enter 200 and tap . • You can use the unit conversion in the same manner. You cannot change the units or the rates for units. • The conversion result may have a slight error

• Improper battery replacement may cause change or loss of the memory contents. • Be sure to write down any important

information stored in the memory before replacing the battery.
• Make sure the power is turned off before replacing the battery. OFF • Do not press ON until the battery replacement procedure is completed.

holder cover on the back of the unit. 3. Remove the exhausted battery by prying it out with a stylus. (Fig. 1) 4. Install a new battery with the positive side (+) facing up into the battery holder. (Fig. 2) 5. Replace the holder cover and secure it with the screw. 6. Press ON to turn the power on. • If nothing appears on the display, press the RESET switch and tap <. • Do not tap f and press x. This key sequence will clear all the memory contents. 7. Set the clock.

1. Precautions
Since improper use of the battery may cause leakage or explosion, strictly observe the following instructions. • Insert the battery with the positive side (+) correctly facing up. • Never throw the battery into a fire because it might explode. • Keep the battery out of the reach of children. Because the battery in the Organizer was installed at the factory, it may become depleted before the specified expiration time is reached.

0.6 6
to store in the memory.

as a result of rounding off the number (e.g. up to 2 decimal places for currency conversions). Use the conversion result for reference.

Game Mode

to play the game “BLACKJACK”.

Each time GAME is tapped, the display switches between “ALPHA ATTACK” and “BLACKJACK”. BLACKJACK (Twenty-one) Make your “hand” (the total of the numbers on the cards) as close to 21, without going over 21. 1. Tap

6. Press ENTER and display the Game mode screen. • When you have no more chips to bet, the game is over. • To quit the game, tap C•CE or any mode

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

key. Your chips are stored for the next time. • To return your chips to 30, tap f DEL and press





on the Game mode screen. • • • • Model: ZQ-P106910 Product name: Electronic Organizer Display: 3 lines of 12 digits Memory capacity: 96 KB Equivalent∗

• • • • Game mode: 2 games Power consumption: 0.003 W Operating temperature: 0°C to 40°C Power supply: 3V ... (DC), lithium battery

display the following Game mode screen.


ALPHA ATTACK Type in characters (A to



Your chips Z) displayed on the 1st 2. Press ENTER to start a game. The left 2 cards line to clear them. 20 are dealt for you. (One card is faced up and the levels of speed are other is faced down.) available.


3. Agree the left-displayed maximum bet (up to 1. Tap GAME to display the following Game 10) or enter fewer bet. Tapping also can bet mode screen. to the maximum. 2. Enter the level CAPS 4. Tap SPACE to Your hand The dealer’s number (2 digits EYKW see your hand. hand from 01 to 20). 2nd CAPS 01 Each time SPACE is J28 4 tapped, a new card • 01: slow, 20: fast is dealt.

• Clock mode: Accuracy: ± 60 seconds/month at 25°C Display: Year, month, day, day of the week, hour, minute, second, AM/PM Clock function: 12-hour/24-hour format (switchable), 3 kinds of date type (switchable), world clock function, daylight saving time (summer time) display, daily alarm, hourly alarm • Telephone mode: Entering and recalling of telephone entry (name, address, E-mail address, phone number, and web address (URL)) • Schedule mode: Entering and recalling of schedule entry (details, year, month, day, hour, and minute), schedule alarm • Memo mode: Entering and recalling of memo entry • Calculator mode: 10 digits (with calculation status symbols), arithmetic calculations, percentage, square root, memory calculation, etc. • Currency/unit conversion mode: 5 types of currency conversion (editable) and 9 types of unit conversion

CR2032 × 1 • Auto-power off: Approx. 7 minutes • Battery life: Approx. 2 years at ambient temperature of 25°C, assuming the following daily use: 30 minutes display, alarm sounding for 20 seconds and key touch tone turned on/ off 100 times. • Weight (including battery): Approx. 72 g • Dimensions: 64 mm (W) × 97 mm (D) × 14.8 mm (H) • Accessories: 1 lithium battery (installed), operation manual, stylus ∗ Memory at 96KB Equivalent. Approx. 1,500 telephone names & numbers (name, telephone and fax number are 14 characters per entry) can be stored by using compression technology. (Compression Rate: Approx. 1.5:1)



3. Press


to start a game.

• “J”, “Q”, and “K” 4. Tap the same key as the first character at the are counted as 10. Your bet Your chips left end of the 1st line. (In this case, tap keys in • “A” can be counted as 1 or 11. the order: E → Y → K → W.) • When the first 2 cards are “A” and a face • Pressing the correct key in the correct order card (“J”, “Q”, or “K”), your hand is deletes the character. “BLACKJACK”. • When 12 characters are displayed in each 5. Press ENTER to The dealer’s Your total level, the game continues in the faster level total stop being dealt (up to 20). 2nd CAPS and hold your J28 3 2K4 • When no more characters can be displayed, hand. The dealer’s 20 19 the game is over. The Game mode screen hand and the 20 20 with the level when the game is over is results are Your bet Your chips displayed. • When you win, your total flashes and your bet is doubled. • When you win with “BLACKJACK”, your bet is tripled. displayed.


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